Orthodontics for Adults

Many adults are now seeking orthodontic treatment. 1 out of every 4 patients we treat is over the age of 30! Most often adults seek treatment for pre-restorative movement, relapse from prior treatment or maybe they just never got the chance to be treated as teens. No matter the case, Dr. Moles is well equipped to treat the adult patient. We offer aesthetic options such as, Invisalign removable aligners or clear ceramic braces as well as, traditional metal braces. Our coordinator will help you choose your best options to achieve the smile you deserve. Dr. Moles has been treating children, teens and adults of all ages for over 30 years! No you are not “too old” for orthodontic treatment! Many adults experience undesirable shifting of their teeth as they age. Sometimes bite disharmonies lead to clenching and grinding, jaw pain and abnormal wearing away of precious tooth enamel. Dr. Moles can help! Stop putting your oral health aside. Orthodontic treatment can help mitigate many of the dental disasters that plague us as we advance in age.

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