How to complete a Virtual Retainer or Aligner Check

Many of our appointments require a trip to the office. If you have braces for example, there is not much we can do without seeing you. However, if you have retainers or Invisalign, we can do it virtually!

At the offices of Dr. Jon Moles, we utilize a HIPAA compliant texting service called Rhinogram. When we text you or you text us, it filters through a security software keeping your information safe. We will view your images and answers to our questions to advise you on your next steps, without having to come in to the office!

To take photos, simply grab a couple spoons from your kitchen drawer to use as cheek retractors. You may need someone to help you take the photos. You may also use your fingers, just make sure to wash your hands first.

1. With your retainers or aligners in, send us a photo like this one:

2. Then repeat that photo with your retainers or aligners out.

We will ask you to describe the condition of your aligners or retainers and then advise you from there based on your personal treatment progress.

If you have a box of aligners at the office, we can arrange for you to pick them up at your convenience or we might even be able to deliver them to you! It is that simple!

If you are an Invisalign patient participating in Dental Monitoring, we will view your live videos using that platform and will advise you directly through the app.

Be well!

Dr. Moles won a Best of Frederick Award for 4 years running!!

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