How to complete a Remote Re-Evaluation

Everyone is busy these days! Between school, work, and extra curricular activities it’s tough to find time to come in for that “quick” check. Remote care is the answer to your scheduling nightmares! Chances are when Dr. Moles asked to see your child again- it is because he is expecting to see some change in your child’s development. It is likely something as simple as a tooth that was expected to fall out or a new one coming in. To see this, all we really need is a few pictures and answers to some easy questions! If Dr. Moles feels that an in office visit is needed based on the data acquired at the remote visit, our coordinator will set one up for you.

Here is how a remote re-evaluation works:

Step 1: The day before the scheduled recall date, our coordinator will reach out to you via text with the specific inquiry needed for your child.

Step 2: As soon as you can, send the requested photos of your child’s teeth and provide answers to the questions asked as best as you can.

Step 3: Upon receiving your response; Our coordinator may determine that a call or video chat is needed, if so a convenient time will be arranged. If Dr. Moles determines that further diagnostics are needed, our coordinator will arrange for an in office visit to gather the necessary  diagnostics.

Step 4: Go do something more fun than another trip to the Orthodontist!

Our main office phone # is text enabled (301) 874-4747 or you may reach out to our coordinator at

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