Get Your Summer Smile With Invisalign!

Braces are great! They are a tried and true method to straighten smiles but if you’ve ever known anyone to have them you will have heard the complaints about how many of their favorite foods they have to give up so that they don’t break something. Invisalign is the answer to your foodie prayers! The following are some of the foods you DON’T need to give up if you use Invisalign instead of braces!

Popcorn ( Go Ahead and get that caramel corn while your at it!)
Hard Candy (Gobbstoppers, LifeSavers, Blow Pops, etc!)
Hard Pretzels
Snickers Bars!
Corn on the Cobb
Fried Chicken
Bubble Gum
Gummy Bears
Candy Apples

And that’s just the short list!

Best of all Invisalign, when combined with Dr. Moles experience as a specialist in Orthodontics, can achieve the same results as a mouth full of braces!

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