In our tradition of optimizing treatment for our patients, we’re proud to introduce our newest system, Dental Monitoring, the world’s first orthodontic monitoring solution.

What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is an exciting new development in orthodontic technology, which will allow Dr. Moles to make your treatment more efficient, with less visits to the office. The software can be downloaded onto your smartphone, giving the patient an easy way to monitor and track treatment process.

A major advantage of Dental Monitoring is that it can work with any type of treatment, such as braces, and Invisalign. It can also work at any stage of treatment, including post-treatment follow ups. Your course of orthodontic treatment is catered specifically for you, and Dental Monitoring is another way to help Dr. Moles systematically adjust and control the positioning of your teeth, no matter where you are.

How Does Dental Monitoring Work?

Dental Monitoring works by having you take pictures of your teeth on a routine schedule that you’ll determine with Dr. Moles. Through the app, you can send these pictures to Dr. Moles, who will use them to keep track of your treatment process. You can also communicate with Dr. Moles about your treatment, get helpful tips for keeping your teeth healthy, and also receive notifications for things like scheduling your next check up appointment.

The Dental Monitoring software utilizes a powerful, advanced algorithm called DM GoLive that can notify a patient to move onto the next aligner simply by examining the teeth’s movement from the photos. Patients progress through treatment at different paces, and each individual has different biology – this revolutionary technology can dynamically pick up on these changes and adjust treatment accordingly.

Finally, the smartphone app provides detailed guidance on virtually every aspect of your treatment. It walks you through the process of photographing your teeth, and provides helpful tips and trainings along the way. You can even watch the evolution of your treatment by seeing a time-lapse of your tooth movement over time.

Unparalleled, Real-Time Treatment Technology

From a technical perspective, Dental Monitoring is a small wonder – and it simply wouldn’t be possible without the advances of modern computer science and software technology. Dental Monitoring uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to convert pictures of your teeth into comprehensive 3D models, tracking the movement of each individual tooth in minute detail. In fact, Dental Monitoring image processing technology is so advanced that it can measure tooth movement to less than a tenth of a millimeter.

For Patients: Dental Monitoring Tutorial

Curious about how it works? Below you’ll find a video tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know. Learn how to take photos of your teeth, upload them, and see real-time progress of your treatment!