The Dangers of DIY Orthodontics

While we're all for DIY tutorials that can make completing household chores or other tasks easier, the team at The Village Orthodontist wants to warn against "DIY orthodontics." This scary trend has been making headlines as of late, and we want our current, former and prospective patients to know the associated risks with attempting to straighten teeth without the help of a licensed professional.

The DIY trend has been making it rounds on YouTube and social media, and you can find out more information about the how it started below.

How Did This DIY Orthodontics Start?

The practice of attempting to straighten teeth at home started a couple years ago when a young woman's video went viral of her showing how she got straight teeth by using elastic hair ties on her teeth. The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) then posted a warning on its website, telling people to avoid "DIY orthodontics," as it can result in consequences such as severe infections of the gums, bone infections, and tooth loss. Unfortunately, DIY braces are trending again, making education on the topic more important than ever.

Dr. Moles and The Village Orthodontist team encourages parents to talk to their children about the dangers of DIY braces. If a child (or adult) tries to move their teeth using at-home methods, the results can be devastating. One of the primary reasons people may attempt DIY braces is due to the high cost of orthodontic treatment. However, the potential damage that can be caused by at-home methods can cause permanent damage, and end up costing much more than visiting an orthodontist. 

Only a licensed professional, like Dr. Moles, has the education, skills and experience required to properly move your teeth and jaw into the proper position. As a leading provider of orthodontics in Frederick and Urbana, our practice proudly offers orthodontic treatment to children, teenagers and adults using only the safest and most effective treatment methods and orthodontic appliances. We also work closely with our patients and their families to find a payment plan that works best.

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