Benefits of Summer Orthodontics

For many families, summertime is the best season of the year! With the children out of school and beautiful weather, spending time outdoors and vacations are some of the most popular activities during this time. While you may not think about it, the summer season is also a great time to start orthodontic treatment, whether it’s for you or your child. There’s many benefits to visiting our office before school starts again, which we explain below.

Why Summer?

Simply put, summer provides a perfect adjustment period for children, teens and adults. With school being out for the summer, and adults having more flexibility at work, patients will have more time to get used to their appliances in the comfort of their home. Without the pressure of a busy time at school or work, summer is an ideal time to take care of your initial appointments and start treatment.

Appointment Scheduling Is Easier

We understand how difficult it can be to find the time to make appointments when your family’s schedule is already full. It’s much easier to fit appointments into your busy schedule, especially during the start of orthodontic treatment, as that’s when you’ll generally need to visit us the most.

Easier to Find Braces-Friendly Meal Ideas

It does take a little bit of time to get used to braces, as dietary changes need to be made to keep your appliances from breaking. With more free time in the summer, there’s more time to plan meals that are safe to eat while wearing braces. While you’re at home, you can go online and research some great meal ideas, without any work or school pressures to deal with.

Adjustment Period For Teens

For some patients, adjusting to having braces on their teeth takes time. It can take a bit of practice to speak clearly when first wearing braces. Some kids even feel very self-conscious about how they look with braces and worry about what their classmates will think. But when braces are put on during the summer break, teens who initially feel uncomfortable have plenty of time to get used to wearing braces so they feel confident by the time school starts again in the fall.

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