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We keep you smiling!! Read below to see what a few of our HaPpy patients had to say after their treatment was complete!!!

“I needed orthodontics because I had an underbite that made it hard for me to chew, so I had a hard time eating. I heard about Dr. Moles from my dentist who recommended him to me.

My treatment experience has been wonderful! I’m always treated well and I get taken care of right away when I get to the office. If I ever have any problems they always help me out! I am supposed to get my braces off soon! My jaw is properly aligned and I can finally eat food like a normal person.”

~ Michelle W.

Dr. Moles had the great pleasure of treating both of Mrs. Engle’s daughters, Rachel and Lizzie! The following is their story …

“We first heard about Dr. Moles from his son Jon while at our neighborhood pool with our friend Josh Holcomb. Dr. Moles and his team have been wonderful, caring and very in touch with the kids’ needs. Everyone always tells Rachel she has beautiful teeth!”

~ Sharon Engle

When Janae was in need of an orthodontist some folks at their church recommended Dr. Moles, here’s her story …

“I had difficulty chewing food because my bite was really off. My mom and I met with Dr. Moles for a consultation and he confirmed I needed braces.

My treatment plan was very involved as Dr. Moles needed to reshape my mouth. He said it would probably take about 4 years as we had to wait for some of my teeth to fall out and grow in. It was pretty easy. As my mom says: ”Almost 4 years of orthodontia care=$7000. Her smile = Priceless.”

I’m really happy and I’m also glad I took good care of my teeth in the process so I didn’t have discolored teeth when my braces were removed!”

~ Janae

The Faulkner family first heard about Dr. Moles from being in the neighborhood and both girls needed braces because of their crooked teeth.

“Both girls love their smiles. The experience at the office was awesome. Dr. Moles and the staff are all very professional and caring! We have recommended you to everyone and will continue to do so-forever! We love Dr. Moles!”

~ The Faulkner’s

“Our daughter was midway through her braces treatment when she moved to Urbana, and we were all concerned about having a smooth transition to a new orthodontist to complete the work. We chose Dr. Moles because of his convenient location in Urbana. Our experience with The Village Orthodontist has been very positive! Dr. Moles picked up her case and was very calming to ensure no setbacks and a smooth completion of the treatment. He is empathetic to the specific needs of his patients, has a great attitude and is very easy to talk to. Our daughter has just completed her treatment with Dr. Moles. The braces have allowed her to feel less self-conscious about her teeth and it’s great to see her smiling more!”

~ Maria Darby-Williams

“Expert advice & service! Friendly & welcoming staff! Delicious coffee! I would like to recommend and thank Dr. Moles and the staff at The Village Orthodontist in Frederick, MD for the consultation and advice regarding my ortho options. Keep up the good work!”

~ Ken Downs

“Dr. Jon Moles is an excellent orthodontist. His staff is welcoming and professional. My son has been cared for by this group for years, through orthodontia and tooth spacing until my son is old enough to get implants for the teeth that never developed. My son's smile is beautiful and I know Dr. Moles will keep it that way. I sincerely have nothing negative that I can write about. Highly recommended.”

~ Pamela H.

“Dr. Moles is simply the best!! My son (now 18) has been a patient since 8 with some significant jaw development issues. Dr. Moles is a genius and helped us avoid surgery. His level of caring is unmatched. He is a longtime Navy veteran now in retired private practice and understands the synergy of his work with your regular dentist. I drove from Northern Virginia to see him for years!”

~ Laurie C.

“The Village Orthodontist is a great practice to be a part of. I feel welcome every time I go to my appointments and I am always seated right away. Dr. Moles actually takes the time to talk to his patients to show that he cares unlike other doctors’ offices. The Village Orthodontist is a breath of fresh air.”

~ Rachel S.

“My experiences at The Village Orthodontist have been terrific! From the relaxing atmosphere, to the one on one time the staff has with each patient, you always feel welcome!”

~ Alexis P.



Devynn Rae Grubby reviewed The Village Orthodontist — 5 star
March 25, 2014
he office is beautiful, the care that Dr. Moles gives is the gold standard in orthodontics. He is kind, attentive, and funny and I'm absolutely in love with the girls there:) They are accommodating to my schedule and I always look forward to my appointments. I highly recommend this office to anyone in the Frederick area:)

Penny Mills Crutchley reviewed The Village Orthodontist — 5 star
January 5, 2015Dr. Moles and his staff are wonderful!!!! I would highly recommend going here.

Kandi Weiger Dinkel reviewed The Village Orthodontist — 5 starDecember 15, 2016We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Moles!! The staff is amazing and they always make you feel like family coming for a visit. Our oldest daughter's teeth were challenging, but Dr. Moles worked miracles and gave her a million dollar smile!! We are so happy we made the choice to use The Village Orthodontist and we can't wait to see what amazing results we get for our twin daughters who are currently under Dr. Moles care.

Julann Pata Sacco reviewed The Village Orthodontist — 5 star
December 19, 2016We love Dr.Moles and his entire staff!! Lauren is always so kind, professional and outdoing when we call to schedule appointments or come in to the office. Dr. Moles and staff have gone above and beyond for my daughter. We couldn't be happier and my other 2 children will soon be patients there as well. Thank you Dr. Moles and staff for being AWESOME in everything you do!!

Vicki Favilla reviewed The Village Orthodontist — 5 star
December 21, 2016My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Moles for many years. After being brace free for a few years and preparing for her dental implant we learned that she needs a few months more of braces to correct a problem. Meg was very unhappy needless to say, but Dr. Moles put us at ease, provided a plan and was incredibly generous...Christmas Miracle Generous. We love Dr. Moles and the entire team at The Village Orthodontist! We look forward to their very capable care in 2017! Merry Christmas and THANK YOU!!!


Sandy Wolff Sappe reviewed The Village Orthodontist — 5 star
September 20, 2016Our family loves Dr. Moles & his staff ! They are all so sweet & friendly . One child down with an incredible smile & working on the other. When it's all said & done we are going to miss our visits & the staff


Tammie Helfrick Scott reviewed The Village Orthodontist — 5 star
December 19, 2016Dr. Moles and all of his staff are very friendly and accommodating. I have had a wonderful patient relationship with this office. I look forward to my appointments because they make feel like they have known me forever


Danielli Tsang reviewed The Village Orthodontist — 5 star
March 24, 2016A huge thank you to Dr. Moles and his team for the excelent job with my Nia. You guys go above and beyond !! you rock! we will miss you all


Jennelle Cyr reviewed The Village Orthodontist — 5 star
February 17, 2015Dr. Moles makes you feel like your child is his only patient. My third child is getting her braces today and Dr. Moles and his staff didn't disappoint. That's why we're back! He is the best!!